Join the Wausau Youth Mountain Bike Team, where young riders from Wausau, WI, can develop their skills, compete in races, and enjoy the thrill of mountain biking in a supportive and fun environment.

Wausau United Ride, a middle and high school mountain biking team uniting student athletes from Wausau and neighboring school districts. Our team encompasses schools from Wausau, DC Everest, Abbottsford, Edgar, Marathon, Merrill, Mosinee, and more. You must be entering 6th grade and be at least 10 years old. Racing is optional – all are welcome!

2024 Season Starts On July 8th!
Registration is OPEN!

To all families, racers, riders and coaches,
Welcome to all and thank you for joining Wausau United Ride.
I can say without reserve that this group of impassioned riders, racers, families and coaches alike are dedicated to a sport and biking community second to none. Through strong mind, strong body, strong character, along with equality and community inclusive programs, we are all striving to help develop young adult skills thru the sport. Please join in with me and enjoy “The Ride”.
Coach Tobin – Head Coach – Founding Chair

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We work towards developing athletes of strong character and bringing the joy of mountain biking into our community. Join us!

Coaching Staff

All coaches have been trained in topics that include risk management, team management, ride management, and youth sports psychology. All coaches have background checks completed.

Some coaches are trained in CPR and First Aid.

The Coaches Licensing Program includes three levels of coaches. Higher levels have more training and is required for Head Coaches, Ride Leaders, and Team Directors. All license coaches are covered by comprehensive liability insurance provided by the League for the duration of the season.


This is the minimum requirement for all adults riding with NICA High School Teams. This license protects volunteers with comprehensive insurance and protects our youth with background checks. Level 1 coaches assist as directed by the head coach and generally participate in practices, gaining skills alongside student athletes.


This is the recommended training level for all adults riding with NICA High School Teams in the ride support role. Level 1 requirements but also add CPR, on the bike skills courses, and a minimum of 20 hours riding with the team, gaining valuable experience. Level 2 coaches assist level 3 coaches with advanced tasks, such as leading rides.


This level is required for all Head Coaches and Team Directors. All Wisconsin League teams are required to have a licensed Head Coach and Team Director.