General Information

Yes, you can come to one practice and see if you like it for FREE! NICA requires an adult to fill out AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE/RELEASE OF LIABILITY WAIVER online before you come to practice. The league is “Wisconsin League” Just let us know that you are interested and the date that you are attending. If you have any questions let us know.

Email = wurideinfo@gmail.com or Call = 715-600-6330

The total fees to join the team are $175, which includes the $50 team fee, the $75 Wisconsin League fee, $50 NICA (national organization) fee. You also need to purchase Nine Mile Trail Pass if you do not have one from the Marathon County Parks Dept for $30. Wisconsin League and NICA fees are paid via PitZone during registration, and team fees are paid to the team directors. You also need to purchase a team jersey. The cost of a jersey is $60 to $100 depending on type.

Racing is a separate fee, if you choose to participate. It’s $75 per race.

Students entering 6th-12th grade in the fall can join the team.

There is also a Youth Ride Program for kids 5 to 11. Reach out to us if you would like information about it.

National Interscholastic Cycling Association. NICA is the national organization that helps to create great infrastructure for insurance, training, racing, practices, and so much more for our local teams. You can learn more about NICA here.

The Wisconsin League (Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League) is the statewide affiliate of NICA that supports middle and high school mountain biking teams across Wisconsin. The League organizes summer clinics, a fall race series, adventure weekends, and training and certification courses for Wisconsin coaches.

Registration starts April 1st. You need to be invited to the PitZone to register your student / athlete.
Email = wurideinfo@gmail.com if you did not get an invite. You can register anytime during the season too. For 2024 the first practice will be July 8th and the last practice will be around the end of October.

You can purchase trail pass at the Wausau & Marathon County Parks & Forestry Department at 212 River Drive or online HERE


Yes, and we encourage it! We absolutely need parents to help out at practices, and you do not need to be an experienced mountain biker. You do need to become certified as a NICA Level 1 volunteer, which is a relatively simple process. You just need to complete a background check; online training courses on safety, concussions, and risk management; and pay a $65 coach license fee in PitZone. Level 1 volunteers can ride with the team all year and even help with the team pre-ride at races.

It is not required, We know that everyone is busy during the summer months, but the more practices you are able to attend and the harder you work the better you will be. We would like to see you make it to at least one practice per week if possible.

Helmet, shoes, gloves: We require a properly-fitting bike helmet to be strapped on at all times. We also require close-toed shoes–tennis/athletic shoes are fine, as long as they are relatively sturdy. Full-finger bike gloves are nice to have because they provide better grip for sweaty hands and some protection from bushes and falls.

Water bottle or water backpack: Always bring water to practice. Some riders choose to use Camelbak water backpacks, which make it easier to take quick drinks without reaching for a water bottle and to carry more water on a hot day.

Many athletes are riding entry level mountain bikes as they get started. These bikes tend to cost around $500-700 new. For example, we see a lot of athletes riding Trek Marlin, Giant Talon, Specialized Rockhopper mountain bikes. We generally suggest a mountain bike with 2″ wide or larger tires and hydraulic disk brakes, which are easier for smaller hands to pull. A front suspension shock is recommended, but full suspension is not necessary for the trails that we ride. All athletes are required to wear a helmet while on their bike.

We start practice on July 10th and practice every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.